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Happy General Chemistry Students :-)



Very good logical flow of starting from the most basic Chemistry concepts, going into adequate detail, to building on to the most complex Chemistry concepts. The presentation is well-paced. The combination of notes being written out right in front of me as Justin teaches it in the upper right corner of the video really helped a lot with memory retention.


Heaps of information, very clearly explained. Very good instructor, making general chemistry fun and easy to learn (something my chemistry professor couldn't do). So glad I found these video lessons in the first few weeks of my 1st semester.


Justin's chemistry video notes are expertly structured and presented. They include clearly explained concepts, continual amounts of sample problems, and I really appreciate how he connects his Chemistry lessons to my current Chemistry course. This is a fantastic way to gain a deeper, well-rounded understanding of the foundations of General Chemistry.




Simple yet Extremely Thorough. I'm able to rely exclusively on it for my first year chem course. Very easy to navigate around the sections and videos. Also a much higher production value, video clarity, and voice quality than what I typically see with my actual chem prof at school.


This is not just the speaker talking. Instead he does something that I prefer. He's explaining in detail what's going on as the notes are being written out in front of me. It's just like sitting in a lecture where the professor is writing across the whiteboards while lecturing. This is the simplest and best way for me to learn Chemistry. Really helped me to do well. Thank you!


Justin's lessons and notes were very informative and they explained everything in Gen. Chem. in a manner that isn't too complicated or overwhelming. He made both the simpler concepts and the really tough concepts manageable. Definitely highly recommend.




Absolutely wonderful! Very organized. Has a great way of explaining things in a way that you can grasp the concept without feeling overwhelmed. And the handwriting is a nice approach. I wish he would hurry up and publish his organic chemistry video notes!


I liked that [Chemistry Video Notes] had great information and Justin had a clear voice so it was easy to interpret what he had said. He also explained topics and calculations well and didn't use words that were too complicated. The information is for people of all levels in general chemistry, and the style of the handwritten videos is effective and well thought out. Ways to improve (for me personally) would be to have shorter videos. They are about 15 minutes each - not too bad, but I like super short clips. Overall, Justin's video course is very very good. Helped me understand what I was learning.


This course is the only reason I got an A in General Chemistry. It helped me to understand the concepts way better than those boring General Chemistry lessons that I had to put up with my actual Professor. Justin's explanations are clear, his handwriting is perfect, and he keeps you engaged in the topic. I wish I had found this course sooner.